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We don't trust 'em either


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Here's how far the city's reputation has declined . . .

At some of the recent public hearings the 2016 Olympic committee has been holding to promote their bid for the games, folks have been asking, "How can we trust your promise to come in on budget—the city's always over budget with its projects?"

Or, "How can we trust that this enterprise won't be corrupt—the city's always corrupt?"

To which, Olympic officials respond:

"You can trust us 'cause we're not the city."

As if "the city" wasn't just code for Mayor Daley and his administration. And as if this whole enterprise isn't controlled by the mayor and the officials with the Olympic committee, including Lori Healey, Daley's former chief of staff.

If this keeps up, the next thing you know, Olympic officials will be drafting David Orr or some other independent to run against Daley.

Hey, anything to win the games.

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