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Savage Love vs. Christian love


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If you found yourself a bit surprised at Dan Savage's vehemence in the most recent Savage Love*, I'd recommend my friend Ben's (a Lutheran pastor and longtime Savage Love reader) posts on the history of Christian sexual morality and Christian intolerance vs. atheist intolerance. Good, thoughtful stuff.

For further reading from Lutherans on sex, I'd encourage you to check out Let's Talk, the journal of the city Lutheran synod. It's written for insiders, so it's not as accessible as the blog posts, but it's an interesting look at what pastors talk about when they talk about love. The interview with Ralph W. Klein is particularly good.

* I was surprised mostly because the first advice-seeker, judging from the vague, awkward, pathos-inducing prose, would seem to need more hand-holding than Savage offers.