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Post No Bills podcast number two


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Well, better late than never, I suppose. I still intend to make these podcasts monthly, but I got a little behind. Anyway, here's the second installment. Thanks for listening!

Post No Bills podcast number two


Céu | "Bubuia" | Vagarosa | Six Degrees
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble | "Gibbous" | Hypnotic Brass Ensemble | Honest Jon’s
Matt Wilson Quartet | "Celibate Oriole" | That’s Gonna Leave a Mark | Palmetto
Buddy & Julie Miller | "Ellis County" | Written in Chalk | New West
Ben Reynolds | "Death Sings" | How Day Earnt Its Night | Tompkins Square
Nils Økland | "Kvelartak" | Monograph | ECM
Asfaw Tsegé | "Ye Salame" | Ililta! New Ethiopian Dance Music | Terp
Kélétigui et Ses Tambourinis | "Djouté Wassa" | The Syliphone Years | Sterns
Otto | "Janaina" | Certa Manha Acordei de Sonhos Intranquilos | Nublu
Lucas Santtana | "Amor em Jacuma" | Sem Nostalgia | YB
Led Bib | "Yes, Again" | Sensible Shoes | Cuneiform
In the Country | "Doves Dance" | Whiteout | Rune Grammofon

PHOTO: Lucas Santtana


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