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Doughnut Peaches



At Green City Market, we had doughnut peaches for about five minutes Saturday morning.

Doughnut peaches are also called Saturn peaches, a fitting name for their otherworldly shape. You would be forgiven if out of skepticism you dismissed the doughnut peach as a gimmick.

I mean, of course it's a gimmick. But it's also a fine white peach.

In general, I'm not a fan of white peaches. Yes, they're sweet. But the lack of acidity means no tart-sweet tension, which is what makes a peach — even a sweet peach — a peach.

But in this case... Well, have I mentioned that this particular white peach is shaped like a doughnut?

I was excited. My boss could tell.

"You know who else likes doughnut peaches?" Peter asked me.


"Wild turkeys," he said.

I looked through the half box of doughnut peaches. Some bore the bite marks of ill-mannered birds. Rather than eating a whole peach, they had taken single bites out of several.


A few minutes later, a restaurant snapped up the doughnut peaches — eight pints gone before I could even devise a scheme to get one home.

We kept one doughnut peach for display. And one that we had already cut into for sampling.

It was fantastic.

You just had to eat around the turkey bites.

Daniel Shumski works for an orchard and also writes Fruit Slinger, a seasonal blog. For further discussion of doughnut peaches, peach doughnuts and doughnut peach doughnuts, follow him on Twitter.