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Crooklyn We Go Hard


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Turntable Lab just pointed to this interview with DJ Riz, one half of the phenomenal banger-making group Crooklyn Clan.

Riz isn't one of those DJ Shadow or Mix Master Mike types who are trying to elevate turntablism into an art form or anything. He and Sizzahandz are more interested in exploring exactly how hard you can rock a party before things start spontaneously combusting. In fact one simple method for a DJ to tell whether or not the party he's spinning is rocking or not is to put on Crooklyn Clan's "Be Faithful" featuring Fatman Scoop—if the place doesn't completely blow up, odds are it's not a good party.

Here's a link to the unembeddable "Be Faithful" video, complete with CGI Fatman Scoop.

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