Lollapalooza: From the Mud Fields | Bleader

Lollapalooza: From the Mud Fields


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Missed Bon Iver by a matter of minutes, having forgotten how damn long it takes to walk across the park and also because I stopped to grab a cheese-stuffed pretzel. Graham Elliot has a booth at the food court that's offering, among other items, "buffalo chicken, bleu cheese foam," which has to be the most pretentious thing I've ever seen at a concession stand. I love it.

Catching some Dark Wave Disco and Hollywood Holt at the dance-oriented Perry's tent. Actually this year it's a proper side stage, and the big swath of park in front of it is already packed.

A note to festgoers who haven't come down here yet: It's no Glastonbury at this point, but things are getting soggy, so don't wear anything you wouldn't mind seeing covered in mud (my Nikes are mad at me) and keep in mind that sans adequate rain protection any white clothes go see-through pretty quick.

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