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Lollapalooza: The Blogging Begins


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I haven't been entirely supportive of Chicago's decision to be Portland so far this summer, at least as far as weather is concerned, but I have to say that it's a nice change to be at Lollapalooza when it's not dangerously hot—almost nice enough to make up for the rain. (Of course, it's supposed to get into the low to mid-90s on Saturday and Sunday, so consider yourself warned.)

I got a late start today and missed Nick Catchdubs' DJ set. In fact so far I've only actually heard two bands I don't really like: the Gaslight Anthem and the Heartless Bastards. Unremarkable rock 'n' roll is the new hotness or something?

I'm about to take my three-dollar umbrella and my cocktail and head over to see Bon Iver, about whom I am significantly more undecided about—and whom I thus find considerably more intriguing.

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