Lollapalooza: The Sun Sets on a Muddy Day One | Bleader

Lollapalooza: The Sun Sets on a Muddy Day One


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By the time it started to get dark in Grant Park the rain had finally given up completely after a seemingly endless series of fits and starts, and there was an almost palpable sense of relief over it as people started spreading blankets on the drying—at least so they hoped—grass and started working up the serious sprawled-out power chill that is a perennial popular festival activity. Of course by then a certain part of the crowd was hammered to fuck, another classic approach to festivalgoing.

The usual impulse to get ripped during business hours seemed to be compounded in some people by the rain, sort of a "let's drink away the misery of having wet socks" approach. Just after six o'clock, as I was walking away from A-Trak's excellent raved-out DJ set, I saw a security guard shaking a dude by the shoulder from behind. It took me a second to realize that the dude in trouble had been pissing in a bush, and in fact was continuing his piss while being hassled by the Man. His somewhat reasonable request for the guard to at least let him finish what he'd started before getting booted from the show and probably arrested on top of that only made the security guy angrier.

I started to hit the wall during Depeche Mode's set. I love the bit of DM's catalogue that I love and I'm mostly indifferent to the rest. Lollapalooza headliners are never bands I seriously dig—ones I'd be willing to watch for two hours after having already spent an entire day watching nonstop live music. Of the few revamped Lollas I've been to, I've only sat through one whole headliner set on purpose, which was Daft Punk's mind-asploding set a couple years back. I'm looking forward to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs finishing out tomorrow though.

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