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A Mystery Mix for Rock for Kids



I just snapped a pic of my contribution to the Rock for Kids auction and mixer that's happening Friday at 7 PM at Smart Bar. It's by far my most elaborate contribution yet, as well as the one with the strongest overall theme. And probably the weirdest, come to think of it.

The winning bidder will receive the somewhat occult-looking wooden box—a gift from Jessica Hopper, actually, though I doubt she'll mind me passing it along for charity's sake—shown on the left, which contains a not-quite-vintage-but-still-out-of-print band T-shirt, an even older and rarer seven-inch, and the question-mark-emblazoned mix CD shown, which has a strong and if I do say so myself pretty killer theme and track list, both of which the winning bidder will be able to access at a link on the card stuck in the case there (I've also uploaded hi-res cover art for the disc). But I'm not keeping everything in the package secret: a Reader tote bag, T-shirt, bandana, and travel mug will be served on the side.

The whole thing's inspired by the grab bags my favorite comics stores used to sell, which I was hooked on—I'm the type of person that if you show me something wrapped up in packaging with no overt clues to what's inside, I'm immediately seized by the compulsion to find out. I guarantee that there's no equivalent to the She-Hulk Annual #4 or whatever other bogus comics I got stuck with by following that compulsion. This stuff's all gem mint 10.