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Battle of the Ugh


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Yesterday I watched two terrible music videos—on purpose, though in each case the blogs I found them on warned that they should not be seen by humans—and now I feel like sharing. My sense of propriety demands that I put the videos after the jump, but if you forge ahead, let me know: Which is the worstest?

Is it the disco bobblehead nightmare that is Ken Hiraki's "Bye My Melody"?

Or is it the video for Aubrey O'Day's horrorshow reworking of New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle," which manages to inspire a deep, instinctive revulsion in its viewers even without showing O'Day's non-bobbleheaded but still disturbingly plasticky and inhuman movements.

I might have to give it to O'Day by a nose, which is extra impressive when you consider that the "Bye My Melody" video implies that (spoiler alert!) the terrifying bobblehead man had sex with a log that has a vagina-shaped hole in it.

(Hiraki video "courtesy" of Videogum, O'Day video "courtesy" of Idolator)


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