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The culture-war drop swindle


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Tribune Company Star Columnist Jonah Goldberg doesn't actually think Veterans Administration assistant secretary and disabled Iraq vet Tammy Duckworth is a Nazi, just that her VA is kind of Nazish. If you only read his SFW newspaper columns, you may be unaware that his professional ambition is to confuse the term into meaninglessness.

(It is good to see a Tribune property fighting against their payroll colleague, however.)

I await his reaction to the news that the previous VA administration was just setting money on fire. Then again, given that this idiotic attack on an end-of-life pamphlet is being led by someone who wants a little chunk of the VA budget, maybe he doesn't care.

When people start screaming incomprehensible culture-war garble at you, keep your hand on your wallet, since it's probably just a drop swindle.

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