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What's new this week


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  • John Dunlevy

Apart from featured reviews of Cibo Matto, the Terrace at Trump, and Jam in Food & Drink this week, there are nine brand-spanking new breakdowns of recently opened restaurants in the listings.

I endured the criminal corniness of Felony Franks only to be gifted with a crappy hot dog and soggy fries; after that, Lakeview's Istanbul Restaurant felt like a reward. Ann Spiselman says Todd Stein's little plates on the Wit Hotel's Roof are better than they need to be and determined that takeout is the way to go at Lan's Old Town. Julia Thiel looks for beer in her food at Division Ale House and revels in the cheesy, greasy goo that holds Sarks in the Park together. Kate Schmidt takes her cup at Royal Coffee and ponders the appeal of chicken wings at Wings O' Flavor. Finally, David Hammond digs the details at Abuelo's Mexican Grill—even if the salsa is Canadian.

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