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Salsa Dura on Saturday With Jimmy Bosch



Jimmy Bosch
  • Jimmy Bosch
Killer New York trombonist Jimmy Bosch is in town this weekend to play as part of a tribute to Manny Oquendo’s Conjunto Libre on Saturday evening at the Viva! Chicago Latin Music Festival. Luckily, he’s sticking around to play a concert of his own music on Sunday night at Rumba. The Puerto Rican native has long been a fixture on the New York salsa scene, working with everyone from Celia Cruz to Willie Colon to Ruben Blades as well as leading his own remarkable bands, which play what he calls salsa dura ("hard salsa"). That means his music never veers into lightweight pop territory. This is uncut, hard-charging stuff.

A few months ago Bosch released a gem on his own JRGR label called ¡A Million!, cut with a typically fierce and flexible cast that includes saxophonists Jeff Lederer and Mitch Frohman, fellow trombonist Joe Fielder, and pianist Edwin Sanchez. The music sticks to formula, but when the material is this strong that hardly matters. Bosch is a monster soloist and his arrangements pull no punches, getting a maximalist sound from his compact ensemble. On Sunday he’ll be leading a sextet of local players, so while the music might not sound as razor-sharp as his own New York band, the size of the combo and the serious chops of everyonen involved should still guarantee a solid night of music. There are also rumors that singer Frankie Vazquez, who's also participating in the Oquendo homage, will join in for a few numbers.

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