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Yet Another Trendy, Budget-Conscious Retailer: A'Gaci




At the opening party for the new A'Gaci store on State Street last night, I felt like I was seeing my fashion past everywhere I looked. Madonna wannabe phase circa 1983, complete with ropes of pearl necklaces and shiny bustier? Check. Be-fringed post-hippie? Check. Early 1990s flirtation with grunge in the form of plaid shirts? Check.


Of course A'Gaci is just reflecting the fashion industry's love of the past. And for most of the people who shop there—women in their late teens and early to mid-20s—all of the references will be relatively new, anyway.


Almost everything I looked at was under $30, even the shoes. (Nothing is over $100.) I saw a more-than-passable faux-python bag for $28.50, a relatively understated strapless dress in midnight blue with sophisticated pleating in a half-sunburst semicircle, and a dress made up of a red bandage skirt and a black leotard-like top.


Chock-full of inexpensive takes on the trendiest of trends, A'Gaci is perfect for the twentysomething creating her own fashion past.

The store is located at 17 E. Monroe (312-658-0401).