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Earliest Known Jackson Five Studio Recording Found


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  • From the collection of Gilles Petard
Perhaps you've already noticed this story elsewhere on the Reader's site—we're not exactly being coy about it—but in case you keep up with us mainly via RSS reader, Jake Austen has an amazing feature this week about the discovery of an unheard Jackson Five studio recording. This tape predates the session for the group's first single—the session that for 40 years was thought to be the group's first—by four months. Even more amazing, it was found as a direct result of Austen's research.

Personally my favorite angle concerns guitarist Larry Blasingaine, who played guitar on the newly discovered recording, cut at the studio of One-derful Records in July 1967. At One-derful the Jacksons recorded "Big Boy," and their first single, released by Steeltown in early 1968, also included "Big Boy," but from a different session that Blasingaine didn't know about—for all this time, in other words, he's mistakenly believed that he appeared on the first Jackson Five record. Though it was heartbreaking to imagine how he must've felt when he learned the truth, it was at least as heartwarming to imagine how he must've felt when he learned that the tape he actually did play on had been discovered after all this time.

No one's had the chance to actually hear the music on the tape yet—as you might imagine, certain precautions must be taken with an artifact like this—but you can be sure the Reader will stay on top of the story.


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