"Fragmentary Bits" of Chris Hefner's "The Pink Hotel" | Bleader

"Fragmentary Bits" of Chris Hefner's "The Pink Hotel"


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The Pink Hotel

Time Traveler's Wife writer Audrey Niffenegger said she "loves the work" of filmmaker Chris Hefner, "specializ(ing) in startling, often retro stories."

Hefner shows his silent film-inspired experimental short films, five new video loops, and "fragmentary bits" of his in-progress feature "The Pink Hotel," "a portrait of the moment in which a previously grand, luxurious lifestyle is revealed to be woefully unstable," Saturday 9/12 at Swimming Pool Project Space.

Hefner's work screens in continuous loop from 9 PM to midnight 9/12 at Swimming Pool, 2858 W. Montrose.

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The Pink Hotel

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