Christopher Kelly's gf: "lawyered up" | Bleader

Christopher Kelly's gf: "lawyered up"


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"Country Club Hills mayor Dwight Welch said this morning that the girlfriend of Christopher Kelly is 'lawyered up' and is no longer talking to police who are investigating the Saturday death of the former Rod Blagojevich adviser."

Sounds suspicious, sure, but it shouldn't - "lawyering up" is a good idea if you're innocent. Lots of cases of mistaken prosecution and false confessions start with the innocent waiving a right to an attorney, because, like, who needs a lawyer if you're innocent?

Not saying that she's likely innocent or not either way - that's kind of the point.

I guess it's newsworthy, but there's an element of that lede (srlsy, that's the lede) that gives me the fantods.