Tucker Max responds: You're the exploiter! Me: You're Tom Buchanan! | Bleader

Tucker Max responds: You're the exploiter! Me: You're Tom Buchanan!


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Looks like I hurt Tucker Max's feelings:

"Max was adamant that he not only doesn’t hate women, he loves them, 'That’s the question I have constantly asked that the protestors have never addressed, because they can’t: ‘If my art is misogynist and promotes violence against women, then why are half my fans women?’"

Beats me. I can't understand why women like this sort of thing either. The last line chills me. Usually he couches his behavior by attempting to demonstrate that the person he's fucking or insulting or whatever wanted to be treated that way (more on that in a second), but the veil really drops when he insults that bartender, who was apparently asking for it by not bringing him a beer fast enough.

Ending the story with "got that, didn't you bitch?": if he doesn't hate women, he has an odd way of showing it. I've read that story a few times and I just can't figure out why anyone would write it unless they hate women, or hate something.

I was discussing this whole thing with a friend of mine over e-mail, so I'm going to reprint my argument below, in which I explain that my real problem with him is that he's basically Tom Buchanan (sorry, not going to bother putting caps back in or tweaking my mess) - in other words, the nicest thing I can say about Tucker Max is "it's more complicated than 'he's a misogynist, full stop'":

i subscribe to the dan savage "campground theory" - you leave it better than you found it or you leave it alone. so it's not even really a matter of "feminism" per se; that's almost beside the point. it's more a matter of using other people's problems for your own gratification - and leaving them worse off. and he does it to his male fans as much as the women he writes about. even if he's not a misogynist (and i think he is), he's reveling in and getting rich off
the wreckage of misogyny. he's like a slumlord in that way.

i get that he's just trying to treat everyone equally. and he might actually believe it, and i guess if i'm going to be fair i should assume that he does (and if you read his huffpo piece on feminism, it seems like he's trying to be a feminist, even if it's an abysmally simplistic and horrifically uninformed reading). but that's why i think what he writes is a floodgate of misogyny - "If you act like all you want is to get fucked, then I'm not going to treat you in a way
differently" assumes that the way people act is the way want to, and thus should, be treated. that can be a hard thing to read, but it's clear that he knows better.

also, his targets are his lessers - people who aren't attractive, people who aren't as smart as him, people who went to state schools, people who just aren't as capable as him. not only is laying into them cruel in and of itself (and opposed to everything i hold dear about comedy, and writing generally), he doesn't seem to give a shit that someone without his advantages (u of c, duke JD) might not be on an even playing field. which is why the whole thing feels like a victory lap of white male privilege. i know that he lets on like he's no better, but he reminds me of tom and daisy buchanan: "they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made."

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