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TriQuarterly Leaves Paper Behind



The good news is that Northwestern University "has reaffirmed its commitment to publishing and disseminating scholarly writing." The bad news is that ringing affirmations of renewed commitment are many times followed by a but, and this is one of those times.

TriQuarterly, the literary journal published by the Northwestern University Press, will disappear next year as a printed product, the same news release goes on to say: "The move to digital publishing will continue with the transition of an online format."

Here's a link to the entire news release, which also announces "the launch next year of a new electronic journal, Islamic Africa, which will be produced in collaboration with the Program of African Studies and will draw on Northwestern's established research strength in African studies."

These are hard times for university presses, as is reported here by Print is so out of fashion on campus, says a university librarian quoted in this article, that students "don’t know how to use a print phone book.” In its day, TriQuarterly was called by the New York Times "perhaps the preeminent journal for literary fiction" in America. It was founded in 1958 to publish NU's students and faculty, and in 1964 it raised its horizons and began seeking the best fiction from everywhere.

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