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"Surprised, Saddened, Shocked..."


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That, reports the Chronicle of Higher Education, is what people in the "literary-magazine world" felt on hearing that Northwestern U.'s TriQuarterly will no longer exist in print, and will turn to student editors to maintain it online.

"This has been very shocking news to the community," Jeffrey Lependorf, executive director of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses tells the Chronicle. "This doesn't feel like the passing of the torch; it feels like the extinguishing of the flame....TriQuarterly appears to be done."

But former TriQuarterly editor Reginald Gibbons has a different view. He says that "saving the name and repurposing it this way means it's still going to be a part of American culture, but now our students will actually get to participate in that culture."

Here's the Chronicle's complete story.

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