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Chicago's Edge over Rio...


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It's this...

All else being equal, the 2016 Olympic Games are Rio de Janeiro's to lose. The games have never gone to South America, and it's time. The International Olympic Committee knows this.

But Chicago, though it has Fenger High, doesn't have three million people living in favelas, ruled by gangs that the New Yorker tells us have been known to shoot it out across the airport highway and to "come onto the road with their guns and rob motorists." The article by Jon Lee Anderson in this week's New Yorker calls Rio the world's top-ranked city for "violent intentional deaths."

The 2014 World Cup will be in Brazil. Some say the country shouldn't be asked to try to pull off two huge global sporting events in three years. Others say that with the World Cup under Brazil's belt, the Olympics will be a piece of cake.

But members of the IOC who vote Friday in Copenhagen have no way of knowing if the 2014 World Cup will be a triumph or a disaster. I expect many will tell themselves that by 2013, though they still won't know, the picture will be a lot clearer. After all, Rio can bid again. When people genuinely want someone to have something, it can somehow become easier to say, "But this is not the time."


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