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Today in Wild Conspiracy Theories



Usually conspiracy theorists at least start off with a basic framework of facts—however misinterpreted, out of context, and blown out of proportion they may be—that they decorate and embellish with all the made-up stuff that makes conspiracy theories fun and/or dangerous, depending on their flavor. The main reason certain folks believe that the lizard men did 9/11 is that there are plenty of people out there digging up actual pieces of information about the attacks to make their case—it's just a bonus for the rest of us that they choose to connect those dots with lines of loopy outer-space crazy.

But there's a certain kind of nutbag who will say just any kind of shit. Like "pro-American, pro-Israel, pro-Jewish, anti-Communist, anti-Fascist, anti-Socialist" blogger mah29001, who posted yesterday that rapper and alleged "Marxist shill" Immortal Technique "possibly contributed to the beating death of Derion [sic] Albert." Accusing someone of complicity in a murder without providing any evidence beyond the publicly acknowledged fact that a murder took place is about a 9.5 on the Conspiracy Theory Ballsiness scale.

A quick look through the rest of mah29001's site doesn't turn up much else on hip-hop, which makes the fact that he's going after a rapper like Immortal Technique—hardly a headline-grabbing celebrity—kind of fascinating. People should keep dude away from Dead Prez records. His head might asplode.

I'm sure this isn't going to be the only whackjob right-wing insanity we'll see trying to piggyback on Derrion Albert's death.

(Via Byron Crawford)