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Morning Olympics Roundup


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* Mark Starr, former Newsweek Olympics expert, thinks that Rio is the best bet, and that their biggest problem as far as closing the deal is actually being the frontrunner. (h/t Mike)

* NYT: Chicago - it's the TV revenues, stupid.

* Just heard on WGN: Phil Hersh quotes David Wallechinsky as saying without the Obamas, Chicago had nothing. WGN host: have you ever heard Daley speak?

* Bookies: Chicago. I thought this was interesting: "To prevent bribery, IOC members aren’t allowed to visit the bidding cities — so they’ll be deciding instead based on what they’ve read in committee reports. Some will go with their gut instincts, their emotions and personal interests."

* Please, please let's not ask psychics. That's like the oldest shtick ever.

* ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski comes out against the Chicago Olympics. In the embedded video, I think Phil Hersh gets it right: opposition to the Chicago Olympics is more about frustration with Mayor Daley, and a lack of trust, than it is about just not wanting the Olympics. He also points out that Obama going isn't that dereliction of duty, since no one would gripe if he went to Camp David (or, ahem, Crawford for like a month). Which is a reasonable point.

* ESPN's Jim Caple comes out against the IOC dog-and-pony show and suggests a fixed location.