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Y Kant R. Kelly Read?


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I've heard that Kells once gave an interview where he admitted that he's illiterate, and it definitely hasn't been a tightly kept secret in the Chicago music scene. But I guess word never really got out, because a video Bossip posted yesterday where he admits that he "don't even read, really" seems to be blowing some minds.

Clip after the jump:

His reading troubles come up around the 2:00 mark.

As evidenced by the above video and his confusing, rambling commentary track on the Trapped in the Closet DVD, R. isn't even that good with words in a speaking situation, never mind reading or writing. That just makes his standing as the world's foremost creator of sex puns and double entendres all the more amazing.

And if you're wondering, I've heard from people who've worked in studios with R. that he develops his lyrics partly by writing them in his head and partly by keeping a tape rolling the whole time to catch any moments of inspiration. Which makes the fact that the dude wrote a 22-part opera—no matter how loopy and occasionally nonsensical it is—kind of impressive. Of course you have to balance that against some important mitigating factors—I can't say I'm convinced, for instance, that his acquittal last year means he didn't in fact pee on a little girl.


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