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LTHForum Great Neighborhood Restaurant Award Winners Leaked


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Juan Zaragoza
  • Juan Zaragoza

On Monday evening the heavens will split and bolts of light will rain down from the firmament, inscribing upon two massive tablets of raw milk clothbound cheddar the names of the winners of this year's LTHForum Great Neighborhoods Awards.

Now in their 5th year, these prizes honor forum favorites, or "restaurants all over the Chicagoland area which contribute to their neighborhoods' and the city's character by offering outstanding food, an authentic experience of their ethnic culture, and/or a welcoming (or in some cases, belovedly cranky) atmosphere for guests." (Here's the complete list of past winners.)

And like last year a snitch in the Food Chain's pocket has leaked a handful of winners early.

While two aren't too much of a shock—Reader favorite Birrieria Zaragoza and the always excellent Mado—the third is a little bit more of a surprise.

Last year, Great Lake was nominated but failed to win in part because of the difficulty in scoring one of its magical pizzas. This year, now that it's damn near impossible to get one, it has been deemed GNR worthy.

The full roster of this year's winners will be announced at the awards ceremony Monday night at the always accessible Marie's Pizza.

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