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Thinning the Herd


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The inimitable Sam McPheeters, who used to front Born Against and Men's Recovery Project and currently spends a lot of time thinking about economics, on the effect the global financial crisis has had on the subculture:

I would love to see a real thinning of the herd, and seeing less bands and less shows. That would be wonderful. I don’t think there are that many people who aren’t teenagers who really enjoy going to shows these days. There’s just too much stuff. Every large city you go to has these telephone poles covered in faded fliers that have been stapled there by bands that are never going to go anywhere, by people who aren’t particularly creative, who aren’t amazing songwriters. That is a direct result of the 90s, when this country just had too much money. I would rejoice if there was a drastic reduction of the American underground. With an actual Depression in the range of the Great Depression, if things got apocalyptic, there would still be bands, but they would be playing on the 19th-century model. Touring banjo acts, touring vaudeville shows would come through town, maybe get a can of beans, or get enough gas or hydrogen or whatever the hell it is we’re using to fill up our cars. Maybe the next generation of kids will use rocks and old tennis shoes to pretend that they have iPods and cell phones.

Much more real talk in re: the economic meltdown, hardcore, and badass taxi drivers can be found at Vol. 1 Brooklyn. Obama should appoint Sam the head of the Department of Real Talk right after he establishes the Department of Real Talk, which is something America desperately needs. A Real Talk Czar.

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