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Mix Hell Is Mix Heavenly


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The obvious reason people were so shocked when Igor Cavalera started DJing dance music (with his wife, Laima Leyton) was just, omigod, the dude from Sepultura is DJing dance music? But the real shocker is that Mix Hell is actually way more berserk and amazing than it has any right to be.

Sifting through a backlog of Mad Decent blog posts in my RSS feed last night I came across one attached to a recent Mix Hell mix that blends brutal blasts of metal with twitchy favela funk-flavored beats, which really just should not work. But it does. And how.

I want to say the prank call at the beginning is from Earles & Jensen, but I can't seem to find it on their Just Farr a Laugh collection. Which rules, by the way. Bleachy for president. 2012, y'all.

I just found out that Mix Hell's performing at Debonair Social Club on Monday. Apparently it's going to involve live drumming from Cavalera. Should be crazy interesting.

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