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Flag as: Confusing to My Brain


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Before you watch the YouTube video after the jump—and you really do need to watch this video—please make sure to make note of its title: "Afghan Women By Ron Artest edit By Lucky."

Now I'm not saying it's wrong for NBA superstar Ron Artest to make a slow jam going out to the abused ladies of Afghanistan. That's great. If Ron Artest's slow jam heightens awareness among NBA fans about violence against women in a distant nation that's playing host to an American military campaign, that is excellent. If an actual abused Afghan woman finds Ron Artest's YouTube video and it brightens her day to know that an American basketball superstar and part-time musician has her back, well, then Ron Artest will probably have done a better thing than any of us will do in our lifetimes, at least in terms of the mistreatment of women in Afghanistan.

But there remains the big question of "Why does this exist?"

There are two possible explanations:

1) Ron Artest's producer gave him a slow-jam beat, and when Artest went to write lyrics he decided that the perfect subject was the brutal domestic abuse of women in Afghanistan.

2) Ron Artest set out to write a song about the brutal domestic abuse of women in Afghanistan, and only then decided that the perfect format for this message was a slow-jam rap.

Neither of these is anywhere near a satisfying answer. If you need me I will be pondering this video's existence. At a bar.

(via Videogum)