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What Would Tortoise Buy?


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To my knowledge no record store in the world matches the Amoeba Records location in LA, a sprawling supermarket housing every conceivable stripe of music, run by people who know and care about what they’re selling. I’m not alone in feeling this way, and almost everyone I know who really digs records makes sure to visit the shop on any trip to the city. In fact, the store gets so many visitors that it’s started tracking and reporting on musicians who shop there, posting silly promo videos that reveal who bought what. John Herndon and Douglas McCombs of Tortoise recently spoke about their purchases, and they’re so unhelpful that it’s actually rather entertaining. The video is after the jump.

Today’s playlist:

Narthex, Formnction (Potlatch)
The Unthanks, Here’s the Tender Coming (EMI, UK)
Orchestra Baobab, La Belle Epoque (Syllart)
Tó Trips, Guitarra 66 (Mbari Música)
Speak Easy, Backchats (Creative Sources)