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More on Tweed Ride Style


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The New York Times Style section has an article today about the resurgence of Victorian fashion, particularly for men, and traces it directly to the increasing popularity of "tweed rides" like the one I posted about earlier this week.

This flamboyance is part of a curious new movement called Tweed Rides, informal gatherings of spiffily dressed ladies and gents cycling leisurely through town and disdaining finish lines. Tweed Rides began in London earlier this year and have spread this fall to Boston, San Francisco and Chicago. As the directions for this weekend’s Tweed Ride in Washington, D.C., put it: “Leave the fleece, Lycra and outer shell at home. This ride is for the dandy.”

The great thing about this style is that you don't have to go so far as "dandy" to ride in style—more eccentric details like bowler hats, bow ties, and breeches are optional. All you need is a shirt, a jacket, maybe a vest or suspenders, and some wool pants.

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