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Bob Dylan Meets Pyrex


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The Dipset of today is a much different creature than the Dipset of five years ago, its core of ganglike us-against-the-world camaraderie torn apart by, among other things, Jim Jones's ego in the wake of "We Stay Fly" and his obsessive quest to find the worst pair of jeans in the world. But one thing the Diplomats still have in common is a shared love for looking at pretty much anything in the world and extracting from it a faintly amusing metaphor for the process of cooking and selling crack. Like, say, a Bob Dylan song.

Above is the new Juelz Santana song, which has a beat based around "Subterranean Homesick Blues." A mind less focused on seeing everything in terms of crack rock might have skimmed right past the "mixin' up the medicine" line as just one of a series of only vaguely related images in Dylan's surrealist lyrics. Like most of the song, it pretty strongly resists interpretation, at least by people who aren't singlemindedly obsessed with crack dealing. Then its meaning becomes obvious: that's some crack-cooking talk right there.

I'm tempted to say that overall this song is terrible except for the fact that it's probably going to infuriate a lot of people who take Bob Dylan way too seriously, which I always consider a good thing.

(via the Awl)

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