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Noticed: Local Jewelry Designer on Regretsy


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Insta-hit Web site Regretsy, devoted to making fun of items found on crafty commerce site Etsy, recently featured a necklace of copulating earthworms by Peggy Stemp of Heron Adornment, whose intricate, science-inspired jewelry I blogged about this summer.

However, as the saying goes, any publicity can be good publicity: other crafters featured on the site have reported sales as a result of the increased exposure; Regretsy even features a page devoted to them. And some commenters were supportive: "i actually kinda like this, and I like a lot of the other biology themed jewelry in her shop. Not for me exactly, but i could see some subversive biologist chick rocking it."

I called Stemp, who hadn't heard of Regretsy. When I explained the concept, she said she was "bummed" and would probably ask the site owner to take down her piece. But later she emailed me to say she was heartened by the comments: "It seemed to turn into a conversation about reproduction, which is one of the things I want my pieces to do."

Nobody ever said being different was easy.


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