11/21-11/22—Free Select Media Festival Events | Bleader

11/21-11/22—Free Select Media Festival Events


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As part of Select Media Festival 8, which highlights experimental and contemporary art and media, the "Oral Asstravaganza" will take place at the Co-Prosperity Sphere (3219 S. Morgan) on Saturday from 8 to 11 PM. Billed by its organizers as "the most important reading since Charlton Heston uttered the words carved onto those stone tablets that he retrieved from the misty mountains where the clouds spoke to him in the years that pre-dated knowledge," this free event features readings by Kokie Whirlwind Arcuri, Lulu Callier, Mike McBeardo, Davide Tortuga, and I Feral Wolfhound Gleason. Guests will also be able to view the Super Bad Ass Exhibition—featuring works by dozens of artists—for free. On Sunday, 11/22 from 8 to 11 PM, artist Jacob C. Hammes will close out the festival by hypnotizing his audience.

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