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The Sound of One Tweet Blipping


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Twitter is great for a lot of practical things, like organizing vicious demonstrations against health-care reform and fomenting Justin Bieber mall riots, but it's got actual creative applications as well. Computer scientist and composer Dan Stowell has figured out a clever way of making music with it.

The key is a piece of software called SuperCollider, which allows you to compose using a programming language. Lines of code tell the software what notes to play, how many times to play them, and so forth.

Stowell had other similarly techy composers write songs using 140 characters of code, which they then tweeted. Stowell fed them through SuperCollider and posted the results in the form of a digital compilation album called SC140. As the methods and title suggest, it's a blippy, IDM-ish affair, and being not so hot for blippy IDM I find it interesting mostly from a conceptual angle, but it's still pretty sweet.

Next up: Shit My Dad Says becomes an online musical.

(via MetaFilter)

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