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The Washington Post Is Pulling Out of Chicago



The Washington Post is closing its two-person Chicago bureau—and also its bureaus in New York City and Los Angeles.

Here, courtesy of the Washington City Paper, is the Post's staff memo vowing that "our commitment to national news of interest to our readers is undiminished, and we will maintain the level and caliber of coverage our readers expect."

That'll be a trick, with its reporters recalled to Washington. Could this mean more work for the Chicago News Cooperative, already writing stories for the New York Times?

Post media writer Howard Kurtz reports the company line but doesn't buy it. What's lost, Kurtz writes, "is the knowledge and experience of reporters who come to understand the local issues, personalities and culture of other regions by living there."

According to Kurtz, reporter/bureau manager Peter Slevin in Chicago is one of six Post correspondents being offered work back in the home office. But "three news assistants will be let go." The in-house term is "news aide." In Chicago the so-called news aide is Kari Lydersen, a frequent Reader contributor who actually works close to full-time as a Post reporter.