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Chopped and Sade'd



I have many things to be thankful this Genocide Day Thanksgiving. There's family, friends, yerba mate, and the fact that dubstep still seems a ways away from jumping the shark, for instance. This morning my Internet buddy Wayne Marshall added one more item to the list of people, things, or phenomena that make my life significantly less terrible when he tweeted about something that I'd never heard of, but which seems to have been taken straight out of my dreams: chopped 'n' screwed Sade remixes.

It turns out that YouTube is just crawling with them. As with any fan-made art there are some real ugly examples of a person with little talent or skill perpetrating terrible crimes upon the thing that they obviously love and are trying to celebrate, but there are some gems in the mix too.

For example:

As Wayne points out, the slowing-down aspect of the chopped 'n' screwed remix process has the interesting side effect of introducing a little gender-fuck into the equation, as Sade's preternaturally sensual voice is lowered to a masculine tenor. It's kind of like being serenaded by a quiet-storm Jame Gumb, which is both disturbing and amazing.

Sade's new album, Soldier of Love, is supposed to come out February 8. I haven't heard anything from it yet, but I'd hazard a guess that it will be smooth as fuck and totally addictive.