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Jim Tyree Visits the SouthtownStar



Jim Tyree, the boss of Sun-Times Media, took a quick tour of the Southtown/Star Monday, drawing the sort of jubilant newsroom reception you'd expect from a roomful of journalists whose jobs he'd just saved. Someone whose sense of gratitude is probably standard-issue called me to share the details.

"He thought the newsroom was accounts payable," says my eyewitness. He said, 'Don't let your accounts get past 30 days.' Then he asked one man, 'What did you sell today?'"

A couple of guys in suits were accompanying Tyree, and it looked like one of them was trying to straighten him out. My confidante doesn't know if that happened: "I was giving him the dodge. I didn't have the patience for it. It wasn't the atmosphere where you could have conversation. It was like he was on a baby-kissing tour."

You news guys just want to be left alone, don't you? I said.

My caller agreed. "If this isn't productive, if there isn't a point to this — get out of the way."

So how are things at the Southtown/Star?

"Heads are still down. The despair is not there. That’s good. That’s an improvement."