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Old Man Yells at Cloud



Eric Deggans:

I’m fretting instead about two things: First, that [the Tiger Woods story] feels like a bit of a turning point; the moment when we accept that today’s sped-up, always-on media environment virtually guarantees that controversial, confusing stories like Woods’ car accident will be misreported in the early hours and corrected as time goes on.

Cry me a river. Actually, cry Richard Jewell a river. Or, you know, Saddam Hussein. I'll show you fact-based journalism:


Eric Zorn breaks down why or why not to care. Joe Posnanski, as thoughtful a journalist as has ever existed, tells why he's fascinated.

Me? I'm fascinated, too, and I'm hoping this is a turning point: the point where, despite TMZ and the MSM, we don't know. Not necessarily because I don't want to know or consider myself above knowing, but because it would be a novelty to not know. Woods has historically taken masterful control of his public image, to the point where people were shocked! to learn that he swore or lost his temper on the job.

All I know about Tiger Woods is that he's a master of concentration and focus - of shutting out the world around him. Which is why if any celebrity can keep his trap shut, no matter what TMZ or Rachel Uchitel says, it's him.