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Portuguese Donkey Art and Swedish Micro-Sleds


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My most stylish friend, Mary Manning, recently hipped me to Kiosk. Their rotating stock of globally curated items straddles the line between utilitarian and curious— some items are handmade by artisans and street vendors, others mass produced—and pricing runs on the cheap side.

Their most recent collection comes from Portugal—these and the blue watering can above ($18) are some of my faves:

Here's the item description on this little donkey-cart toy/objet:


"Run away little donkey run away! You work so hard you deserve your freedom from the farmer! Be free little donkey be free! Yee haw." Someone should free that donkey to my house.

Silver hand cast-iron door knocker, so guests don't have to use their knuckles. Or maybe you have a real thick door that needs heavy-duty knocking. Bang-bang goes the mini-hand for $42.


Make sure to browse their "ongoing items" for all kinds of decorative and edible cute-weirdness. Because what says "I love you, babe" like a plastic Swedish one-person sled?

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