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Akino Kondohs Ladybirds Requiem

  • Akino Kondoh's "Ladybirds' Requiem"
  • Akino Kondoh's animation Ladybird's Requiem, drawn in pencil, pastel, and acrylic, is among the 13 contemporary Japanese shorts screening in New Nippon Thursday 12/3 at the Gene Siskel Film Center.

    The films "draw from the country’s rich experimental film and hand-drawn animation traditions—'flip book' paintings, diary films, and time-based collaborations between avant-garde artists and musicians," writes SAIC grad student Kelly Shindler, who curated the show for the Film Center's Thursday night Conversations at the Edge series.

    The program also includes Maya Yonesho's Kyoto Remix, Tomonari Nishikawa's Sketch Films #3-5, Naoyuki Tsuji's Zephyr, Wada Atsushi's Well That's Glasses, Joji Koyama's From Nose to Mouth, Hiroshi Kondo's Live Material 001 and Live Material 002, Ryusuke Ito's Plate #43-44 (The Forked Tongues), Stom Sogo's Try, and Makino Takashi's Still in Cosmos.

    New Nippon: Contemporary Film and Video From Japan screens Thursday 12/3 at 6 PM at the Film Center, 164 N. State St.