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The Sun-Times Discovers TIFs



I don't know what folks at the Sun-Times have been eating for breakfast these days, but they've been spitting fire when it comes to Mayor Daley and his TIFs.

First there was Abdon Pallasch's Sunday story about how the mayor isn't telling the truth about the program.

And Tuesday brought an editorial follow-up in which they basically say the mayor's either lying or ignorant, or maybe a little of both.

"We don't know what troubles us more," they write. "Either Mayor Daley doesn't understand how the special, secretive slush fund he runs actually gets its money. Or he isn't being straight about a program that last year alone sucked nearly half a billion dollars out of their pockets."

Dang, Mayor Daley. As the kids say—you've been treated!

I couldn't believe I was reading that in a mainstream paper. That sounds like something by me or Mick Dumke—or maybe Angela Caputo or Josh Kalven at Progress Illinois, or Steve Rhodes, or the great Jacqueline Leavy. Oh, wait, it is like something I wrote. Actually, more than once over the years. Well, you know what they say about imitation. I'm flattered, guys.

In the past, mainstream TV and newspaper reporters have told me their editors wouldn't let them write about TIFs because they were too complicated and boring for their readers to understand. And it wasn't too long ago that the Sun-Times extricated any reference to TIFs from its otherwise ass-kicking tale of how Alderman Ed Burke used TIF money to build a fence.

I realize it's easy to underestimate the intelligence of the average Chicagoan, given the chumps we keep electing and re-electing.

But, trust me, most of us are smart enough to know we're paying more in taxes.

I've always said the mayor will get away with this TIF scam so long as the mainstream media remains silent on the subject. Here's hoping they keep up the attack.