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Sad Brad Smith: The best thing about Up in the Air


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Sad Brad Smith
  • Sad Brad Smith

I saw Up in the Air on Friday night. It's okay; thematically it's a sort of adult-contemporary Fight Club. For the most part I agree with J.R. Jones's review, especially the part about its "warm condescension toward flyover country." It is better than the book, though.*

My favorite thing about the movie is a song, "Help Yourself," a gorgeous, moving folk tune written expressly for the movie by local singer-songwriter Sad Brad Smith. If you've known anyone who's had some sort of ongoing emotional problems, or had them yourself, it will probably break your heart.

Reitman also chose a song from St. Louis singer-songwriter Kevin Renick; it's a remarkable story.

* When the book came out, I was really excited because I have a thing about airports and air travel. But it turns out the book is more about alienation. I wanted it to be about airports.

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