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Second City in the Spotlight


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This weekend is, of course, Second City's big 50th anniversary to-do, featuring a panel discussion on The Colbert Report and a panel discussion on the first cast, Alan Arkin, Mina Kolb, and Paul Sands that includes clips from a 1961 show (here's a look back on what Second City circa 1961 was like). Not to be forgotten: next week is also the The Second City That Never Sleeps annual benefit, featuring Jeff Tweedy and a bright-and-early 6am performance from Bonnie Prince Billy.

Meanwhile, the current, 97th mainstage revue, Taming of the Flu, is highly recommended; we've also got a selected archive of our Second City coverage, including extended features on former mainstagers TJ Jagodowski and Dan Bakkedahl.

To get you in the mood, here's some vintage Steve Carell* ("the thing is, I've met thousands of people in my life, and I've only killed 17").

* For my money, Produce Pete With Steve Carell is the best thing he's ever done:

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