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The blog Third and Delaware has the stated aim of cataloging (with screenshots) the "fashion highlights from every single episode" of TV’s Roseanne; e.g., “Look at the swagger on Roseanne as she walks through the cabaret, head held high because she knows she is sporting the classiest novelty playing card sweater in the room."


While there are plenty of ill-fitting shirts in inadvisable prints (Roseanne), southwestern/ethnic sweaters and jackets (Jackie), and oversized shoulder pads (most female members of the cast), there are actually a few wins—like as Jackie’s power-blond look in a body-hugging red dress with zipper accents and most of Sandra Bernhard's ensembles (as Roseanne's glam lesbian friend Nancy).

We may laugh now, but the costume department did its job of outfitting actors as members of the struggling working class quite well—by Hollywood standards, anyway. I’m betting there was a lot more acid-washed denim in the real Quad Cities area well into the late 80s.

Thanks to Whet for the link.