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Mr. Woods, Stay Out of New Hampshire!


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The Tribune carried an AP story Tuesday about an effort in New Hampshire to repeal an ancient state law that criminalizes adultery.

The law hasn't been enforced for years, but it has its defenders. For instance, Kevin Smith of Cornerstone Policy Research told the AP: "I think it's important to have a public policy statement that says generally or in all situations adultery is not a good thing. And I think, by repealing that statute, you're essentially diminishing the harmful effects of adultery."

Did the AP accurately quote what Smith actually said? If so, did Smith mean what he actually said?

I suppose so, and I respect his sincerity. We all find ourselves in Smith's shoes from time to time. Some of the things we disapprove of because they're bad need to stay bad because we intend to go on disapproving of them. That's what Smith is saying.

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