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Gifts for Journalists


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lomo bag

Lomography Sidekick Canvas Bag ($50). Elegant without looking stuffy; fits a laptop and has a modular camera bag.

Edirol R-09HR

Edirol R-09HR ($279.99). The Ferrari of field recorders, and priced to match. Small, built-in stereo mic, USB transfer, expandable memory.

Sony TC-D5m

Sony TC-D5M (since you have to buy them used, the price depends). The radio geeks at swear by them. They also recommend minidisc players; mine from about 2002 has outlasted a couple mp3 players.

Field Notes

Field Notes ($9.95 and up). The venerable Coudal/DDC notebook. You're darn right I use them.

Rite in the Rain

Rite in the Rain Kit ($27.98). Will all-weather, writes-upside-down pen. Good down to -30F! They also sell various forms of hunting journals ("turkey hunters are faced with an overwhelming load of data to remember about turkey behavior"). Field Notes's only true competition, IMO.

Literary Journalism

Literary Journalism, ed. Norman Sims and Mark Kramer ($10.85). Don't let the (ugly, boring) cover fool you - it's the best anthology of its type I've ever read. Worth the price of admission just for Brent Staples's "Mr. Bellow's Planet," one of the best things I've ever read about Chicago, race, and winter.

Beyond the game gary smith

Beyond the Game by Gary Smith ($10.80). Not just the best living sportswriter, arguably the best living literary journalist. This might be my favorite single-author journalism anthology; you don't have to be a sports fan to appreciate it.

Bodum travel press

Bodum Travel Press ($19.99). One of the suggestions when I asked my colleagues what gifts they'd give a journalist was "drugs." Coffee's the only drug I can wholeheartedly recommend, and I love my travel french press.

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