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Five Cold Corpses in a Barn on the North Side


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The Chicago Inter-Ocean, February 23, 1875. As mentioned in a previous post, Chicago legislators tried to put the kibosh on the resurrection trade by donating the corpses of deceased public charges to local medical schools for dissection. But that didn't prevent entrepreneurial types from digging up fresh bodies for export to other, less progressive cities. Entry costs to this lucrative field were pretty low, after all, as was the requisite skill set.

Here's a Google street view of 155 Erie Street today. I'm thinking some of its charm has been lost since back in the day.
I like how "stiff" is a term of art among coppers.
Translation: Smith is facing the third degree as soon as he's well enough to survive it.
The five cadavers were inferably all those of white people; otherwise they'd have likely been identified by our as "colored." But black people were always massively overrepresented on dissecting slabs. In some Southern localities, black cemeteries were subject to wholesale harvest by ghouls catering to the predominantly northern market for anatomical subjects.

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