Bike Notes: Cold Cycling, Cool Bags, MyTracks | Bleader

Bike Notes: Cold Cycling, Cool Bags, MyTracks


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* Because I do everything the wrong way, I've only gotten back into the habit of biking regularly since mid-December, about the point where it got really, really cold. And it's not that bad. I have a short commute, admittedly (about five miles roundtrip), but it turns out 15 minutes of moving in the cold is actually warmer, if such a thing can be measured, than 5-15 minutes of standing in the cold waiting for the bus. If you're thinking of trying winter biking, Steve Vance has some good advice: SARF. My only splurges were kevlar-lined tires, because I fear a flat would break my habit, and a pump with a gauge; I'm just riding a hand-me-down women's Raleigh cruisery MTB that weighs about as much as a SmartCar and keeps me riding slow.

* I'm also looking for a new bike bag, because I'm vain, and I think I've narrowed it down:

The People's Bag from Chicago WIG, $150. Handmade by local tailor/cyclist Isaac Grigsby, who also makes awesome custom bags and backpacks.

Haitatsu Libero from Ostrich, $60. Just 'cause it's pretty. It appears to be very small, though, for better or worse.

Louis Garneau Pannier Bag, $60. Classy yet bike-specific.

* Alternately, there are all sorts of instructions on the Web for DIY panniers, like a laptop bag version, kitty litter bucket version, duct tape version, and the biggest pannier on earth.

* If you have an Android phone, MyTracks is sort of like Foursquare for outdoor nerds.

* Nice to see that the women of Let's Go Ride a Bike have a slick new site for the new year.