Dinner & a Show: Tuesday, 1/5 | Bleader

Von Freeman
  • Michael Jackson
  • Von Freeman

Show: Von Freeman's latest is "as good or better than any of Freeman's previous albums because of the way he cuts loose: before ripping into the breakneck title track, he asks longtime drummer Michael Raynor if he's had his Wheaties," writes Peter Margasak.

10 PM, New Apartment Lounge, 504 E. 75th, 773-483-7728, Free

Dinner: Barbara Ann's BBQ "Along with Lem’s and the Rib Joint, Barbara Ann’s forms one corner of an inverted triangle of south-side barbecue that the rest of the city would do well to study," writes Mike Sula.

7617 S. Cottage Grove, 773-651-5300


Show: Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Abel Ferrara's cult favorite Bad Lieutenant (1992) was a Scorsese-style exercise in macho histrionics and tortured Catholicism; this Werner Herzog drama plays more like a dark comedy, powerfully alive to the relaxed morality and hothouse culture of its title town.

7pm, 9:30pm, Music Box, 3733 N. Southport, 773-871-6604

Dinner: Cuna Affordably priced new restaurant and bar from Kendal Duque, formerly of Sepia; it's too new to review.

1113 W. Belmont, 312-224-8588


Show: Chicagoland At the start of each show an all-star ensemble creates a tableau onstage, then asks after a blackout, "Where in Chicago did that take place?" "'Soccer practice' was the response the night I was there, and after an hour the improvisers--intensely alert and feisty--had crafted a veritable community, complete with idiosyncratic characters, unpredictable backstory, and tragicomic intrigue," writes Ryan Hubbard.

8pm, Annoyance Theatre, 4830 N. Broadway, 773-561-4665, $8

Dinner: Agami "Under chef Kye Anhe extensive menu includes novelty items like the 'spicy tuna rice crispy,' rectangles of crisp buttered rice topped with spicy tuna tartare and a thin slice of jalapeno. Among the cooked appetizers the ginger chicken roll, a hefty battered cylinder of chicken, asparagus, and bell peppers in a sweetly smoky ginger teriyaki sauce, was practically an entree in itself," writes Martha Bayne.

4712 N. Broadway, 773-506-1845

Show: Icarus "Given Lookingglass Theatre Company's twin penchants for adapting myths and performing aerial acrobatics, I'm surprised the troupe took this long to get around to Icarus and his fatal flight. But I'm glad they waited: a younger, brasher Lookingglass might not have been able to encompass the sad, wise, deeply moving interpretation offered here by writer-director David Catlin," writes Zac Thompson.

7:30pm, Lookingglass Theatre Company, Water Tower Water Works, 821 N. Michigan, 312-337-0665

Dinner: Silver Spoon "Just as at Spoon, you can also get some of the more home-style dishes, like the marinated Thai fried chicken--small chunks of bird on the bone with a tamarind dipping sauce--which is every bit the miracle that it is on the mother ship," writes Mike Sula. "Silver Spoon is one of a handful of local restaurants that will honor requests from non-Thais for food made 'pet-pet,' or Thai spicy."

710 N. Rush, 312-944-7100