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The Giantess of Illinois


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The Chicago Inter-Ocean, January 18, 1894. Of course my headline here plays off of the title of “The Giant of Illinois,” the spooky and insuperably beautiful song by The Handsome Family (lately also gorgeously covered by Andrew Bird).

Anyway, here's another Illinois wild woman, this one seemingly a bit larger than most.

The streaming black hair and flashing dark eyes are standard features of the rural wild woman. But this story is atypical in that it omits reference to the physical attractiveness of the lady in question. Generally wild women were either smokin' hot in an unwashed, Rousseauian kind of way, or else so diabolically fugly that witnesses were unsure whether what they'd seen was truly human or not.
The fact that she carries a club also sets this gal apart: Knives were the phallic weapon favored by most of her sisters.

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